本法人と望星学塾と共催で、夏と冬の年2回「国際親善週間」を開催しております。7月21日~8月8日の期間、本年度も柔道を通じた日本研修「Study Abroad Japan研修」を開催しました。


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Study abroad Japan

Vahan Ghevondian

While in Japan I learned so much about the Japanese history and way of life. It was a privilege to come train with the MJJ and Tokai University Judo. I got to meet some truly talented and interesting people. People are very generous and kind, which is one thing that I really loved since not all the people where I live are like that.
While in Japan we got to see some amazing shrines and sites around Tokyo. Some like the Great Buddha statue, and like the Edo castle, and the Emperors palace. Along with many more amazing sites and places. We were also able to go to a few museums such as the Sumo museum and the National Museum of Japanese History, where I learned so much information about how the Japanese people and ways were centuries ago. It’s really fascinating to learn how modern day Japan came to be. Now, the food was surprisingly very delicious and full of flavor. I ate foods that I’ve never even heard of or eaten and it was just amazing. I saw food cooked in ways I’ve never even seen. In general the food everywhere was astonishing.
The people were very nice, I got to meet a lot of new characters. Many of the children we worked with were very funny and I enjoyed getting to know all of them and working with them on the tatami. But even people I didn’t know were very welcoming and humble which is very appreciated by me.
Next is the training. The training was the best training I’ve ever received from anyone. Hard workouts on humid days really gets you in shape. I learned a lot of new ways to execute my technics and how to control my opponents the way I want. All thanks to the Sensei’s at MJJ.
I never would’ve thought that I would be one of the lucky few to be picked to come to Japan and have the privilege to train with all you amazing people. I never thought that I would even be able to come to Japan at just sixteen years old. Im very grateful for everything the MJJ and sensei Morgan have done for our group. I wish I could’ve just stayed in Japan for just a little while longer. It was a thrilling adventure for me and I’d like to thank everyone who was apart of the program.
Arigatou gozaimasu!

Study abroad Japan (日本語訳)  



West Clovis Judo Club

Arigatou gozaimasu!

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Judo in Japan
    First thought that came to my mind when I decided to train judo in Japan was would I be able to improve my judo? And the answer was yes and not only that but I also learned about their culture and history as well. Also with the help of my Sensei’s, Japanese students, and my partners, I was able to do my hardest in Japan. Training in Japan was the most meaningful experience I have ever experienced.
    I am so thankful for Yamaguchi Sensei along with the other sensei that guided me and made this experience memorable. I would also like to thank Matsumae dojo, Tokai University and my Obukan family for all of the support they have given me. Everyone in Japan was so kind and caring. I remember whenever I walked in the dojo, the Matsumae students would come up to me to say “Hello” and bow at the same time. This always made me smile.
    During this program I traveled and went to many cool places. One of the places was the Kodokan. It was huge! And on our way there we stopped by the statue of Kano Sensei and took a picture. Another place we went to was the Kasumigaseki building. The view from the 35th floor was incredibly beautiful! I visited many other places and I learned new facts at every location.  Learning more Japanese culture and history was beyond amazing.
    Practicing in Japan was so passionate and dedicated! Each person was so talented and focused. The judokas in Japan were moving non-stop and attacking which made me notice that their passion for winning is very strong. The Practices helped me move better with my feet and to have clean throws. Overall I learned a lot from practicing in Japan.
    Lastly, I want to thank my Sensei, family, and my club back home. They have all supported me in various ways and this trip was one of them. I am so honored to represent my dojo, Obukan. The Study Abroad Japan program was such a big opportunity for me to do judo and I learned a lot. Thank you all for making this trip possible.
Hikaru Abe ( Obukan Judo club, Portland OR)


Judo in Japan(日本語訳)

ヒカル アベ(15歳) 


Obukan Judo club(央武館)


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Study Abroad Japan Experience

By Lylah Schmedel

Study Abroad Japan not only taught to enhance my judo performance, but also taught me about the origins of judo and learn more about Japanese culture. Thank you to Yamaguchi sensei and Haraguchi sensei for organizing this program, as well as all of the senseis at Matsumae Judo and training partners who helped me along this three week journey. This program was extremely helpful and has helped me improve my judo 100%.
    The first week of practice was definitely the hardest. The heat in combination with practicing very many uchi comis and multiple rounds of  randoori almost everyday helped me strengthen myself mentally and physically. I learned about the different types of uchi comis, the components needed to create a good throw, and how to move faster and more efficiently. The senseis were always around to make sure we knew what we were doing and to correct us on any imperfections; this helped to improve my techniques the most. All of the senseis were very nice, helpful, technical, wise, and encouraging. I truly believe that many of the students at Matsumae Judo will grow up to be world champions, and I feel very lucky to have had the pleasure of working with them.
    The tournaments I was fortunate to watch were astounding! The tournaments were held in huge, beautiful stadiums filled with teams and competitors to the fullest, truly showing how big of a sport judo is in Japan compared to the United States. I also enjoyed visiting the non-judo related places, for example the Edo Castle Museum, Sumo Museum, and walls of the Edo Castle. It was at these places where I learned about the pure Japanese culture outside of judo and how it came to be the country it is today.
    Now that I am back in the States, I see a huge improvement with my judo techniques and movements thanks to everyone from Matsumae Judo. There are many aspects judo sport and culture I learned that I probably would not have learned if I had not done this program. Study Abroad with Judo has been the most valuable judo experience of my life and cannot be replaced.

Study Abroad Japan Experience(日本語訳)

ライラ シュメデル(15歳)

San Jose Buddhist Judo Club


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